Welcome to Nerds Love Sex, located in the vibrant city of Austin, TX! Our goal is straightforward: to spotlight people’s nerdy passions and explore their connections to sex. Through engaging interviews, we dive into gaming, politics, fitness, technology, art, and more, unraveling how these interests shape our experiences in the bedroom. But we’re not just talk. Alongside our insightful content, we offer limited drops inspired by our interviews, letting you bring a piece of the conversation into your own world. Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate all things nerdy and sexy!

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Meet Aitch, the dynamic force behind Nerds Love Sex. Proudly Texan and deeply rooted in Austin, she infuses her native charm and intellect into every aspect of the company. By profession, Aitch is a skilled research analyst, adept at unraveling complex data to unveil insightful narratives. However, beyond the confines of her career, she embodies a spirit of adventure and community engagement. Whether she’s exploring the great outdoors, lending a helping hand through volunteer work, or immersing herself in the vibrant local music scene, Aitch exudes an infectious energy that captivates those around her. A seasoned traveler with a taste for culinary delights, she thrives on discovering new cultures and cuisines, both at home and abroad. And when the day winds down, she cherishes moments spent with cherished friends, savoring good food and lively conversations. With her boundless enthusiasm and unwavering commitment, Aitch is dedicated to fostering a space where nerdy passions and sexual empowerment thrive, inspiring others to embrace their unique selves and forge deeper connections.